so what is scales of angels?

scales of angels is a toronto based experimental musician.  ambient.  electronic.  synths.  loops.  samples.  found sounds.  crafted sounds.  drones.  all kinds of things.
but they ignore convenient and conventional structures.
it is an exploration of sound.
i have been making music under this name for more than a decade, using it as a place to stretch out from the conventions of other music i play.
last year i engaged in one of my most focused and ambitious projects.  a series of twelve releases tied to the ‘year of the horse’.
after that, i seemingly went silent.
ive been making music as part of three different groups, but in my mind and heart, scales lurks.  conceptualizing.  formulating.  playing.
so here is my new journey.
a document of my path.
via this channel, ill talk about what i am doing.
a place for musicians, artists, or just people looking for another angle.
so, lets go.