161002 – new music from scalesofangels

after a period of public dormancy, i am releasing a number of completed scales collections, via my website scales of angels, each with their own story to tell.

(please click on any of the bolded titles to visit, listen and download that respective collection)

first up is ‘error : generative music 1’.


this collection was recorded in december 2015, however was thought lost after a laptop failure in my studio. i hear you, backup, backup, backup, however this collection was uniquely recorded, which was what led me to believe it was unrecoverable. in 2015, i spent a great deal of time re educating myself on midi, and had created a new process of composition, where i would compose pieces in midi, and then run them through various synthesizers, playing with parameters on the synths and recording the results in realtime on a small portable unit. later, i would move these to my daw where i would sift and edit through them, picking out moments.

recording was a long process, however i sought to ‘edit’ in a very quick process, which unfortunately meant the time between loading to daw and finalizing would be fairly quick (for me, at least).

daw crashed. music thought lost.

however, in a recent clean up, i rediscovered the original takes for 7 pieces.
all of them vary, but at their heart follow what i believe to be a generative process i have created, which yields soundscapes that are unique from each other, and take the listener to different places, limited only by imagination.

next is ‘anasonique’.


‘anasonique’ was the result of a new ‘quick improvisation’ process i have begun experimenting with, driven largely by changes i have made in my recording environment. in the past, my studio was a fully connected canvas, with most of my ‘devices’ connected and ready to play at all times. a recent renovation process however resulted in a decision to tear down the fully connected organism of synths, and to focus on using a smaller number of devices at a time, with a particular focus on ‘hands on’ interations with a few analog and analog/digital hybrid devices. the result was a series of quick ambient improvisations. languid and ethereal, they float blurrily through the conscious and unconscious states of sound.

the third is ’39’.


this is a single drone composition recorded in 2016. a mix of a few different techniques, it is likely the last long style composition piece i put out for a little while. these pieces are performed, which can be a stressful experience. completing a piece of this length sometimes takes several attempts. one minute its august, the next it’s september!

lastly is ‘number stations’.


the most recent work i have completed. as noted in my comments on ‘anasonique’, i have been working a great deal with analog and analog/digital hybrid devices, with a particular focus on generating new sounds. sometimes this means taking a four note sequence and letting it run for long periods while i incrementally tweak envelopes and filters as a way of seeing how it all works together. add to that my love for found sound, space sounds and of course, number station broadcasts, and together comes a unique blend of soundscaping. the collection is a journey , up or down, you decide.

and so completes my update.

what is next?

i’ll be continuing my work in various projects including completing/releasing and performing with a new project titled ‘berlin horse’ and plans for a few exciting collaborations the directions of which are still uncertain, but shhhhh, i promise, they’ll be good!

beyond that, who knows?!

thanks for listening.  there will be more scales of angels.