190128 – a musician


the first instrument i learned on was a guitar
six strings
then i found the bass
both taught me lessons
they taught me how notes worked together
they taught me how notes worked apart
i found the keyboard
as first the sound of pianos
later synthesizers
all sounds i knew
but then, they were at my fingertips
i remember learning how to play a walking twelve bar blues
i remember learning how to play a rolling stones song
i remember when my eyes opened
i remember learning how to play the solo to ‘if you have to ask’
i remember the moment it all fell apart when i first heard ‘loveless’
music has revealed itself to me in stages
and i have learned to play music in stages
for so long i sought the technique
for so long i sought the groove
for so long i have sought
every technique mastered leads to another
another tuning
another device
another methodology
i remember discovering stockhausen
i remember discovering cage
i remember discovering eno
the idea of accidents
the idea of treatments
the idea that i. am. not. in. control.
the eight string guitar
a fascinating concept
that i have been exploring for months
everytime i pick it up
it yields new ideas
new concepts
new harmonic groupings
tonight i played an accompaniment
a solo if you will
over a drone in b
(i have never liked b)
the time was metronomic
but the notes were not
by design
or accident
and i found a new scale
(i checked, it does not make sense)
(hahahaha fuck you pythagoras)
this is why a musician does it
this is why the radio offends me so
this is why when you say you kind of like jazz i want to hit you with a brick
there are moments where i wonder why
why do i do this to myself?
why do i spend my nights sleepless and dreaming of music?
why do i?
it is to find these places
it is to find these moments
where maybe
if only for a few silver notes
i transcend space
i transcend time
maybe i connect with something that came before
maybe i connect with something that is still to come
my kids call it dying ostrich music
but i feel it in my soul
my soul

– a musician

190110 – drone:klub:24

190110 drone klub 24

scalesofangels will be participating in the drone and hope to see you there,

drone:klub:24 is happening at the roland inspiration centre (1179 king street west, suite 001, toronto, ontario).

attendance is free.


drone it.