170928 – equilibrium 

drone:klub:12 was most excellent.

walking around today, i feel as though my equilibrium has shifted.

i quite like the sensation. 


170920 – drone:klub:12

scalesofangels will be participating in drone:klub:12 on wednesday september 27th at the roland inspiration centre (1179 king street west, suite 001, toronto, ontario).

droning starts at 8.

attendance is free.


170601 – redacted

scalesofangels participated in the drone:klub at the roland inspiration centre as part of drone day 2017.
hosted by drone:klub, dreamstate and the roland inspiration centre, the event was to celebrate drone.
in a room full of talented musicians and artists, the drone was strong.

scalesofangels recorded its piece, and present it, ‘redacted’.
now available for download at scalesofangels.com by clicking on the image below.