170611 – translate what you dont know into what you do

you sent me a letter
in another language
the words didnt fit
when i translated them
but beautiful

i played the guitar
took what i had done
played it on the keyboard
it was strange
but beautiful

i spend my days
doing things i know
instead of the things i don’t
it would be chaotic
but beautiful

translate what you dont
into what you do


170601 – redacted

scalesofangels participated in the drone:klub at the roland inspiration centre as part of drone day 2017.
hosted by drone:klub, dreamstate and the roland inspiration centre, the event was to celebrate drone.
in a room full of talented musicians and artists, the drone was strong.

scalesofangels recorded its piece, and present it, ‘redacted’.
now available for download at scalesofangels.com by clicking on the image below.