170802 – 3 minute inventions 


starting today, i will be launching a series of videos titled ‘3 minute inventions’ on the scales of angels youtube page. 

the videos are based on a compositional process i use to spark my creativity, wherein, using a set of predetermined rules i create a composition within three minutes. 

as part of these videos, not only will i be exploring time and pitch, but i will also be using different instruments in my studio, highlighting the reasons i love them, experimenting and hopefully finding new sounds, and exploiting the things they do well, the things i didn’t know they could do, and even the things i don’t particularly like, but work depending on the context.

if you have a few minutes in your day, i hope you get a chance to check them out, take a look and let me know what you think.

stay tuned and warped.


170723 – looking for that sound

5am. eyes snap open.

damn it.

i could toss and turn like i did yesterday but I’m not in the mood for it today.

looks like i’m getting up. good thing i set up the espresso machine last night.

the next thought that pops into my head is that i never did figure out how to make that sound.

the sound? you know the one.  that sound but you’ve been chasing.  i think you thought of it after you saw this youtube video of some crazy expensive pedal, and you wanted to make that sound but there was no way you could afford to buy that pedal.

so you thought about it.

and thought about it.

you thought about delays. you thought about samplers.

you thought about bit crushers and granular synthesis.

you thought about signal flow. what comes out clean and what comes up dirty. and figured it all out one night as you were driving home from work but you never did have the time it seems to connect everything together and go looking for that sound.

but now its 5:15 in the morning you’ve had your espresso and now you have this thought on your mind.

will it all work?

there is only one way to find out.

isn’t there?

170719 – time (and why it doesn’t matter)

_20170718_235331 copy.jpg

you feel it pressing down on you.

like gravity.  this persistent weight.


there’s never enough of it, it seems.

but here’s the thing.

there is no ‘time’.

it is a completely arbitrary construct that you can ignore.


the brains of our age.  microchips and circuits and things that are as magic to me as lightning was to the people who invented zeus.

they are precise.  mechanical.  perfect.  incapable of mistake.  if there is a problem, it is the user.

so if i take my computer from korg and my computer from arturia and my computer from roland, and i let them run with their own sense of time, what happens?

they drift.

that’s right.  the computers tell their own time.

sure i could link them together, but that defeats the lesson here.

if three computers can’t share the same concept of time, why should i?

and why should you?

throw out your watch.  throw out the concept of ‘getting older’.

resist time.

it’s just a concept.