171030 – 3 minute inventions – 012

3 minute inventions - 012.jpg

‘3 minute inventions – 012’  was recorded using a roland go mixer, and is a blend of make noise 0-coast, arturia minibrute and roland gaia, sequenced using a arturia keystep, and modulated via korg and roland aira effect units.

thank you for watching the inventions.  although more were recorded, this is the last that i will be posting.

stay tuned and warped.


170925 – 3 minute inventions – 009

3 minute inventions - 009

sorry, have been busy, and not keeping up with posting.

please check out ‘3 minute inventions – 009’  which was recorded using a roland go mixer, and is a blend of yamaha dx27, arturia minibrute, roland gaia and bastl kastl, sequenced using a korg ea-1 and modulated via boss and ibanez effect units.

stay tuned and warped.

170802 – 3 minute inventions 


starting today, i will be launching a series of videos titled ‘3 minute inventions’ on the scales of angels youtube page. 

the videos are based on a compositional process i use to spark my creativity, wherein, using a set of predetermined rules i create a composition within three minutes. 

as part of these videos, not only will i be exploring time and pitch, but i will also be using different instruments in my studio, highlighting the reasons i love them, experimenting and hopefully finding new sounds, and exploiting the things they do well, the things i didn’t know they could do, and even the things i don’t particularly like, but work depending on the context.

if you have a few minutes in your day, i hope you get a chance to check them out, take a look and let me know what you think.

stay tuned and warped.