180202 – drone:klub:16


in honour of 202:DAY, the ambient ping is presenting a special edition of drone:klub.

lyle crilly, dustin good, scott m2 & jamie todd will be doing a special presentation on the 202 at 8pm, followed by a full-on drone:klub open-improv session.

the roland mc-202 microcomposer was released in 1983 and combines a monophonic analog synthesizer voice (like an sh-101) with a two-voice sequencer (like an mc-4). there will be some personal stories, music examples and talk of mods and usages old and new.

droners, friends and audience are all welcome for this presentation and community drone immersion experience.

scalesofangels will be participating in the drone and hope to see you there,

drone:klub:16 on friday february 2nd at the roland inspiration centre (1179 king street west, suite 001, toronto, ontario).

attendance is free.



171003 – the ambient ping 

where does scalesofangels come from?

a lot of places. eno was probably my first exposure to ambient music, and i later discovered cage, subotnick and cuccurullo.

but somewhere in there, a friend hipped me to the ambient ping, and after my first, maybe fifteen years ago, i was hooked.

toronto’s experimental music scene would probably not be as prolific were it not for the work that jamie and scott have put into making sure that the ping was there for people who needed it.

props where props are due.

where is their key to the city?